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About the CzeekD ASP Open Site


System Specifications and Precautions on the Use of CzeekD ASP

  1. System Overview
    The system is referred as CzeekD and is oferred under ASP (Application Service Provider). It is a fragment-based de novo compound design system utilizing RECAP, CGBVS, PSO to generate optimized compound structures (the process is summarized in the figure below). The technology behind the CzeekD system has been recently granted a Japanese patent (Patent No. 5946045). In CGBVS, ChEMBL models are provided for the free use of CzeekD. To check the models available for use with CzeekD please follow this link. For the list of target protein covered by each model please check this link.
  2. ※ RECAP - Retrosynthetic Combinatorial Analysis Procedure
        CGBVS - Chemical Genomics-Based Virtual Screening
        PSO - Particle Swarm Optimization

    Below are screenshots of the settings and results window within the CzeekD ASP system.

    settings settings

    Figure 1. CzeekD settings window

    Figure 2. CzeekD results window

  3. How to apply
    Those who would like to avail the use of CzeekD may register using this form after which a username and password will be provided. Applicants should agree to the terms of use in order to be able to apply. Once registered, accounts are generally effective until the end of June each year and should be renewed for continuous access of the service.

  4. Accessing the service
    Registered users can access the service using a web browser to login to the CzeekD server. Compatible browsers are listed below.
    1. Windows 10 (IE 11, Edge, Chrome) [32 and 64 bit]
    2. Mac OS X 10.11 (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) [64 bit]

  5. System configuration and important notes
    The system is composed of a job management server and a calculation server. Due to the calculation server limitation, only 1 job runs at a particular time. A user can only submit 3 jobs at a time, including a currently running job. If a user is found to have submitted more than that number of jobs, the excess job will be removed from the queue or stopped without prior notice. Stopped jobs can be resubmitted if the user does not exceed the allowed limit. Furthermore, if a particular running job is found not exhibiting signs of activity for a large amount of time, it will be aborted without prior notice. Aborted jobs can be resubmitted by first resetting the parameters of the job before submission in order to prevent possible reoccurrence of job "hanging".

  6. Saving calculation data
    After checking the results of calculation within CzeekD, the user can select desired compound structures then donwload them in sdf or csv format. Since we do not provide storage and backup of user data, it is recommended to download your data and delete copies from the server, at the latest, until the end of the current fiscal year. Files that still exist one(1) week into the succeeding fiscal year will be deleted without prior notice. Please take note that recovery of deleted data is not possible.

  7. Disclaimer
    Kyoto Constella Technologies is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use of the service.

CzeekD ASP Application Form

Please use this form if you want to apply for the use of our CzeekD de novo compound design system free of charge. The free use allows the utilization of prediction models based on data derived from the latest release of ChEMBL database (ChEMBL models). We also offer the use of our Standard models for an annual fee. Please visit this page for further details about CzeekD. For more information about our prediction models please follow this link.

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Terms of Use Agreement

  1. Applying for free use of CzeekD ASP ("The Service") constitutes acceptance of this terms of use ("Terms") agreement.
  2. A "User" is an individual who, after agreeing to the terms of agreement, has registered as a user using our prescribed procedures.
  3. Kyoto Constella Technologies ("The Company") shall issue a login ID and password to an applicant after a successful registration.
  4. The Company shall provide the Service to the User in accordance to the terms of this agreement.
  5. The login ID and password provided by the Company can only be used by the intended User. It is the responsibility of the User to strictly manage his/her login ID and password in order to prevent unauthorized use.
  6. The use of the login ID and password, regardless of whether or not the actual act is performed by the User, is considered as an act by the User himself/herself. The Company shall not be responsible for damages to the User or any third party resulting from such act.
  7. The User shall immediately report to the Company any suspicion that a third party is using his/her login ID and password and shall follow the Company's instructions on that regard.
  8. If a third party's illegal use of the User's login ID and password results to damages to the Company, the User shall be deemed liable and the Company is entitled to receive compensation for such damages.
  9. When using the Service, the User is prohibited in performing any act falling under the following items:
    1. Allow any third party to use his/her login ID and password or use the Service other than its intended purposes.
    2. Use the service for purposes other than the legitimate purposes.
    3. Create disadvantage or damage to other Users, third party or the Company.
    4. Preventing the Company or other Users from using the Service.
  10. The Company reserves the right to suspend provision of the Service due to any of the following circumstances:
    1. During equipment maintenance or construction related to the provision of the Service
    2. During equipment failure or other unavoidable circumtances
    3. During interruptions on the telecommunications service provided by our primary telecommunication service provider
  11. When possible, the Company will send prior notice to Users about any impending suspension of services. Otherwise, notice will be given immediately after the suspension of service.
  12. The Company shall not hold the Users responsible for any interruption of the Service.
  13. The company reserves the right to stop provision of the Service to any User who violates the terms of this agreement.
  14. The company reserves the right to change any content related to the Service without prior notice to the Users.
  15. The Company may, according to circumstances, stop all or part of the Service. In this case, the Company shall send notifications to all Users one (1) month before the actual stoppage of the Service.
  16. The effectivity of the terms of the agreement shall cease once the Service has been stopped.
  17. This agreement shall be effective from the date the User agreed to the terms until the end of the current fiscal year. Access to the service can be renewed, at the latest, one (1) week before the end of the current fiscal year. With regards to renewal, the User shall receive notifications from the Company before the end of the current fiscal year.
  18. Termination of this agreement, shall not affect other separately concluded agreements or contracts between the Company and the User.
  19. Information and materials acquired through the Service shall be for the User's individual use only.
  20. Only when approved by the Company in writing, with proper citation and appropriate notification of the timing of creation and presentation, secondary use for private, internal, academic and research purposes is allowed. Secondary use of materials and documents obtained from the Service for profit or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  21. The User shall assume the responsibility and expense with regards to saving, storing and backing-up of data generated through the use of the Service. Unless provision of backup service by the Company is agreed upon on a separate contract, the company shall not be held responsible for storage and backup of User data.

Please check the box below if you agree to the terms of agreement above then click on the "Next" button.

I agree to the terms of agreement for the use of CzeekD ASP.