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Company Information

Kyoto Constella Technologies was established on March, 2008 as a venture company from Kyoto University. Aiming to support the drug discovery efforts of research institutes and pharmaceutical companies and to develop a database of drug adverse reaction information, we offer products and services based on our core technology developed by Professor Yasushi Okuno of Kyoto University combined with state-of-the-art computational technology.

Origin of our company's name

We borrowed the name "Constella" from the word "constellation." Our core technology, which is the interaction machine learning method, maps interaction data between lead compounds and target proteins in the biological and chemical space. The visualization of this mapping creates a strong impression of stars being connected in the vast night sky. This led us to name our company "Constella."

Company Details

Registered Name Kyoto Constella Technologies Co., Ltd.
Establishment March 31, 2008
President and CEO Ryuta Murakami
Non-Executive Directors Makoto Goto
Yuichi Yahagi (President and Representative Director, ASKLEP. Inc.)
Hanaki Takahiro
Company Address 4th Flr., Kyozome Kaikan, 481 Tourouyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8225
Capital 40.75M Yen
  • Contract services based on computational science and technology, as well as, the sale of related products
  • R&D, production and sale of drug discovery support systems and softwares
  • R&D, production and sale of active components present in drugs, quasi drugs, diagnostic materials, and cosmetics
  • Development and provision of human resources skilled in computational science and technology